Outdated IT Systems Will Hold Back Firms in the Big Data Economy.

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Transforming to a distributed environment is critical for businesses to thrive in the new digital economy Big Data is transforming the way businesses compete and operate, with 55% of business leaders reporting that data has disrupted their operations in the past year. However, TmaxSoft has warned that legacy IT systems, which make managing data and making it actionable, challenging are prevemting for many businesses from entering the Big Data fray.

Enterprises are racing to embrace the Big Data revolution, working to strengthen their business strategies and drive new opportunities through technology. Such is the pace of change that data is now considered the most valuable resource in the world, revolutionising what we know about consumer behaviour and offering completely new ways of working.

However, many organisations lack the processing power, storage capacity, applications and tools in their legacy IT systems to make the most out of these opportunities as they are not able to draw upon different repositories of data and derive insights from them in real time.

According to TmaxSoft UK, organisations that do not take early strides to overcome these will challenges are likely to face greater difficulties further down the line and will struggle to compete in the emerging economy.

Carl commented: "Legacy systems, such as mainframes have worked extremely well in closed systems for decades, but technological developments such as Big Data, are...

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