Organisations Choosing Cloud in 2019 Stand to Benefit. Andy Coussins, senior vice president and head of sales, international at Epicor.


The escalating demand for cloud offerings that was observed in recent years is continuing in 2019. Gartner predicts that 28 percent of spending in key enterprise IT markets will shift to the cloud by 2022, up from 19 percent in 2018. The shift to cloud is intensifying as a growing number of industry leaders gain a deeper appreciation of the benefits of migrating their business operations to the cloud, including enhanced flexibility and agility.

"Customers are demonstrating a greater awareness of their needs, including which technologies need to be consolidated or combined to help shape their business," stated Andy Coussins, senior vice president, international at Epicor Software.

"In environments where they're competing for investment dollars, businesses can realise tangible benefits as a consequence of enhancing their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and embracing innovative advanced technologies like AI and blockchain," continued Coussins.

Faced with a plethora of cloud solution options to choose from, organisations will need to determine which approach best meets their needs.

"It's important that business leaders understand the areas in which technology can help them meet their goals, prioritising those which will provide the most value. For this reason, businesses must undergo a clear decision-making process to ensure they implement systems that best support their objectives, including growth," stated Coussins.

As businesses continue to adopt cloud in 2019, they will be able to deliver new and innovative services.

"In the field of aged care facilities, for example, sensors are being used to monitor residents' activity and enhance patient quality of life, while...

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