Oracle Management Software Supplier Adds Security Patching.

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Oracle's RDBMS, Microsoft's SQL Server and MySQL together represent a very high percentage of all databases in use today. Many organisations use a mix of these products to perform a variety of operational functions, but all organisations have the same needs--to stay protected against cyber threats, compliant in an ever--changing --regulatory environment, and up-to-date with new features and bug fixes.

patchVantage has recently announced the addition of patching functionality for Microsoft's SQL Server on Linux, and MySQL, which is open--source and free. All systems can be managed from a single platform, which means companies can manage all their database security patching efficiently and extremely cost--effectively. Since its introduction in 2017 SQL Server on Linux has rapidly become hugely popular, especially when running on light, fast virtualization tools like Docker.

The ability to manage both environments from a single platform makes patchVantage unique amongst vendors of management tools. Users can access the software...

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