Oracle's important in EAI and Web services: Butler Group.

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Oracle's apparent lack of public support for EAI and Web Services masks an underlying strength in the integration of disparate data sources and a burgeoning end-to-end integration solution--but you have to look, says Butler Group.

Despite Oracle's forthright claims as a full spectrum provider of all things software, there is an underlying and strengthening realism about the need to reach alternative data sources and applications, which in turn requires industrial strength data integration tools.

The ubiquitous nature of Oracle's products makes it unavoidable when considering integration projects, but what is less well known is Oracle's own offerings for both Oracle and non-Oracle applications.

Oracle 9iAS InterConnect, a component of the Oracle 9i Application Server Enterprise Edition is a complete integration solution that addresses all stages of the software lifecycle. It is a tool for designing, implementing and managing application integrations

According to the Butler Group, Oracle still maintains a strong sense of being a total software provider, but there is an...

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