One third of companies lose vital email.

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According to a survey conducted on behalf of LEGATO Systems, Inc., more than 69 percent of 200 companies surveyed in the UK, claimed that e-mail is an acceptable, legally binding form of written confirmation for a wide variety of business processes such as approvals or accepting a purchase order. However, 38 percent of those same organisations have lost e-mail due to one or more technical issues. Forty six percent of companies surveyed say amount of e-mail traffic has doubled; 85 percent of the respondents are now receiving up to 100 e-mails a day. Despite the fact that the number of e-mails is increasing, 31 percent of the respondents are still unable to receive all their e-mail due to a lack of capacity within their existing e-mail system. The survey results show that despite the obvious increases, companies are experiencing in e-mail traffic and that e-mall is increasingly becoming accepted as legally binding, companies still are not fully prepared if their system goes down as a result of technical issues or a viral attack.

Key findings:

* 85% of...

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