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Position:INFORM - Chartered Global Management Accountant

How to make your supply chain hum. Companies that sell into. and source from, markets worldwide compete on supply-chain capabilities. Find out what Leaders do to boost revenue and earnings. tinyurl.com/mz2o7ur

The four Ds of better strategic planning. Instead of limiting scope and paying attention to issues that need fixing, companies should spend more time focused on their opportunities. The process of appreciative enquiry - discovery, dream, design and destiny - can turn "fix-it" organisations into more strategic ones. tinyurl.com/lnwr3z6

Data analytics underused as anti-fraud tool. Many organisations are failing to take advantage of data analytics as a tool to fight fraud and other financial crimes, surveys show. Here are tips for successful use of data analytics against fraud. tinyurl.com/lzc4mqr

The four knowledge areas of finance competency. The CGMA competency framework gives employers a guide for benchmarking...

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