Oil and gas continued foreign exploitation.

Author:Kanyarusoke, Kant Ateenyi
Position:Letter to the editor

Thank you for your in-depth treatment of the continent's emerging oil and gas resources in your March 2013 issue. However, one can take issue with your lack of caution to these countries. Why should underpowered, unindustrialised--yet rapidly populating Africa--continue to export its second-most-important nonhuman resource (after fresh water) in crude form? To this day, have we not realised the scale of jobs and opportunities we have been giving away to foreign lands--only for many of our learned elite to follow them there? Crude oil is a finite resource from which numerous products and services are derived. Why are we encouraging governments to donate these? It is not enough to try to raise 'forex' for infrastructure. Who builds and maintains this infrastructure--and at what cost? Don't we see that actually both the crude oil and the 'forex' end up in foreign lands leaving us with structures we can hardly maintain on our own? What will befall our future...

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