Off The Record – New Provisions To Protect Directors’ Home Addresses

Author:Ms Natasha Lewis

The Companies Act 2006 (the "Act") sees the introduction of many new rules relating to directors. One of the most welcome, from the perspective of those considering taking on a directorship in a company in the life sciences sphere, is a new provision that permits directors to have the option of filing a service address on the public record with the Registrar of Companies, rather than their private home address. This provision will come into force on 1 October 2008, and replaces the current system under which only directors under serious risk of violence and intimidation can have their home address kept off the public record by applying for a confidentiality order.

New Appointments

Under the Act, a company's register of directors will be required to include details of a director's service address, which can simply be stated as the "company's registered office". The company will also be required to keep a separate register of the directors' residential addresses. Both the service and residential addresses will need to be supplied to the Registrar of Companies, but the residential address will generally remain confidential to the company and the Registrar of Companies. This means that all directors appointed after 1 October 2008 will be able to keep their home address confidential.

What About Existing Records?

Regulations that deal with the removal of directors' home addresses that are already on the public register are under consideration. These regulations have yet to be finalised, but the DTI has outlined proposals indicating that directors' addresses filed before January 2003 will be excluded from such regulations. This is because pre-2003 company information is held...

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