35% of corporate e-mail non-work related.

Position:Internet Focus

A customer research survey by email management software vendor, Waterford Technologies, has found that at least 35% of email within organisations is non-work related. The research demonstrates that most companies are failing to enforce an `Acceptable Usage Policy' for email and that `perimeter software', such as content filtering and blocking technology, is failing to provide complete protection against email abuse because it often does not track internal mail.

The research findings were compiled using Waterford Technologies' MailMeter software, which provides business reports on subject headers, email attachment types and the, domain names that emails are being sent to and received from.

The survey of 30 customers found that four of the top 10 Domain Names that employees were communicating with, were free Internet Service Providers rather than business addresses, with 40% of customers having Hotmail.com as the No. 1 Domain Name that they send to or receive email from. Internal email mis-use was also a major problem with the top Chatting Pairs within companies exchanging an average of 61 emails per day.

The survey also highlighted the fact that organisations are at risk from Corporate Domain Names that appear to be genuine business emails. All companies had an average of three Corporate Domain Names in their top 10 list where non-work related email, was either being either sent to or received from. Three of the top five attachment types being sent and received within companies were likely to be non-business related.


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