Obsolescence tops the list.

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A survey of design engineers conducted has shown that industry is beset with problems resulting from the use of consumer memory in specialist and industrial applications.

70% of respondents claim to have experienced problems due to one or more of three leading factors identified in the survey; obsolescence, lack of compatibility between products from different manufacturers and loss of data due to unreliable connectors. Independently, each of these leading factors affected 20-30% of those who took part in the study.

Furthermore, these problems are all more likely to take effect the longer a product has been in circulation. As a result, Nexus believes that continued inappropriate use of consumer style memory products in industry could create a legacy of technical issues for forthcoming generations of design engineers to face.

"It's bad enough if one of these factors affects your product when it's launched or within a couple of years of it being in production," explained Nexus. "However, it's much worse if it comes into play further down the line when you might find that a complete redesign is required. This could be due to a combination of...

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