OAU Secretary General, your votes.

Position:Readers' Response

Time for woman SG

It is time, in this new millennium, for the OAU to name a lady, a daughter of mother Africa, as secretary general. I nominate Elisabeth Toro, Winnie Mandela, Zindzi Mandela and Graca Machel-Mandela.

Orsine Nicol

Kingston, Jamaica

Boakye Djan

I propose Major Kojo Boakye Djan of Ghana. After reading his interview in New African (February & March), I think he is the right man for the OAU top job. One can easily see that he has the interest of Africa at heart, and also something good and meaningful to deliver. Besides he has a broad political insight.

J.O. Anane-Adjei

Munich, Germany

(*.) My choice for the new OAU secretary general? Major Boakye Djan of Ghana.

Shaheed Senoko

South Africa

Bashir Saleh

I nominate Ambassador Bashir Saleh. He is an experienced man in international affairs and the right person to introduce the reforms needed in the OAU. Saleh was Libya's ambassador to Tanzania, Algeria, Central Africa and Nigeria.

Zitto Kabwe

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Theo Ben Gurirab

The new OAU secretary general must be a person who:

* Understands world politics (who has both domestic and international experience).

* Has integrity, well respected, and willing to take on difficult issues, without taking sides.

* Not corrupt, humble, not there for self enrichment, and who has the continent's interest at heart.

* Will not put emphasis on how to get foreign aid (which makes Africa more dependent).

* Will work towards bringing the Africans in the Diaspora together.

* Will address the issues of the colonised mind (and make us stop rejecting ourselves and help us decolonise our minds).

* Someone who is not only a talker but also an action person.

* Someone who will respect the input of the youth without feeling threatened.

* Someone open to constructive criticism.

The person who immediately comes to mind is the Namibian foreign minister, Theo Ben Gurirab.

Pandu Hailonga

Windhoek, Namibia

Winnie Mandela

My vote goes to Winnie Mandela. Because she is an enlightened woman who knows Africa's problems in depth due to her experience, and is also assertive, confident and presentable.

Atsbeha Yimam

Jersey City, USA

Dr Sedat Jobe

I nominate Dr Sedat Jobe, foreign minister of The Gambia as the next OAU secretary general. He was the director of UNESCO in Africa, and was instrumental in bringing peace to Guinea Bissau. He also initiated the Banjul peace talks between the Cassamance rebels and the government of Senegal. He is a son of Africa born to...

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