NuSphere PHPED Advantage.

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NuSphere Corporation has a new product NuSphere PHPEd Advantage, which is a comprehensive set of editing tools to assist development of database-driven web applications using PHP.


According to a recent Netcraft survey, PHP is used on more than 5 million of the domains on the Internet, making it the most popular cross-platform scripting language. Also while PHP is a common scripting language for developing dynamic web pages along with HTML, developers are still encouraged to create more cost-effective, transaction-based web applications.

NuSphere PHPED Advantage is a multi-platform development environment that includes editing, debugging and deployment tools for building web applications that use core open source components. To speed integration between back-end database and front- end web pages, the product includes several built-in, customisable development tools, including: A database tool to connect PHP scripts and SQL databases, which reduces switching between different development environments and allows developers to execute SQL statements against the...

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