Not so fast.

Author:Lopes, Remington
Position:URBANISATION - Letter to the editor

The rapid urbanisation phenomenon in Africa (African Business, December 2011 issue, has been exaggerated, according to the latest report by the Africa Research Institute. It says that geo-statistical mapping has shown that Kibera in Nairobi has a population of less than a quarter of a million, not one million; and new satellite data shows that Lagos has a population of 10m not 15m. The report says that the UN has overestimated the size of Africa's larger cities and urban populations, yet its statistics are the ones most commonly cited.

Urbanisation is happening at a slower rate than touted, because of the lack of jobs and other economic pull factors of the city. Urban populations are growing because of the natural population increase, not urban migration. The slow rate of migration to the cities is...

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