Nigeria's floating school casts off.

Author:Dalby, Alexa
Position:URNABISATION - NLE developing floating Schools - Brief article

Half-building, half-boat, the floating structure provides teaching facilities for the slum district of Makoko, a former fishing village in Lagos where over 100,000 people live in houses on stilts. Prior to this the community had just one English-speaking primary school that regularly found itself under water.

NLE, the studio founded by Nigerian-born architect Kunle Adeyemi, developed the Makoko Floating School as a prototype for building in African regions that have little or no permanent infrastructure, thanks to unpredictable water levels that cause regular flooding.

NLE developed a structure that can accommodate up to 100 adults, even in bad weather conditions. It is primarily used as a school, but can also function as an events space, a clinic or a market, depending on the needs of the community.

Makoko Floating School is a prototype structure that...

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