Nigeria decides.

Author:Nwokolo, Chuka
Position:By email - Letter to the editor

It was refreshing to read New Africans report on Nigerian elections (NA, February 2015).

Nigerians in the Diaspora receive their political news from many sources including an extensive network in social media. Much of it is little better than rumour and tainted with partisanship. The titanic battle between Buhari and Jonathan is well chronicled in your report and almost all Nigerians are enthralled by this narrative.

I found the polling predictions for the various geopolitical zones most compelling reading. Furthermore the articles by your various reporters all come with their own merit and together make your report the best I have read about Nigeria in recent times.

Professor Chuka Nwokolo

Coventry, UK

I have been a regular reader ever since my political awareness grew during my teenage years. Being born and raised outside of Africa I love the insight your...

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