Niger: profitable investment opportunities.

Position:Statistical data

The current administration has worked hard to ensure Niger is open for business. The government is investing across a number of sectors and is looking for strategic long-term partners. The country is northern Nigeria's most important trading partner and offers a haven of stability in the region with a decently-sized local population. Its oil refinery for example is already supplying the region with petroleum and other derivatives. A new round of licences are about to be auctioned off on the oil and gas sector. The country is an important global partner in providing peace and security n the region, and with Nigeria and Algeria, it is building the trans-Saharan gas pipeline to supply mainland Europe with its energy needs. New mining and investment codes market it an interesting market with regional reach.

POPULATION 19.9 million GDP Growth Estimate 2016 5% Average Yearly GDP Growth 2011-2015 6% Exports: main markets France 44% Nigeria 12% United States 6.7% Burkina Faso 11% China 11% GENERAL INFORMATION Capital Niamey Main cities Zinder, Maradi, Agadez, Tahoua Institutional system Semi-presidential...

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