News from the Brics summit.

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* Among the Brics bloc countries, South Africa spends the highest percentage of GDP on education--6.8%--followed by Brazil at 4.3%, Russia at 4.1%, China 3.9% and India 3.8.


On other social spending, South Africa ranks third among the Brics countries in spending on health per GDP--with China leading with health expenditure amounting to 5.2% of GDP.

Brazil had the highest percentge of economically active population--68.6%, with China at 56.6%, Russia and Inia 53% and South Africa only 35.4%.

South Africa has the second highest percentage of women in the general population, at 51.5% in 2011, behind Russia at 53.7%, with Brazil at 50.5%, China 48.7% and India 48.4%.

South Africa is ranked third when it comes to GDP per capita--at $7,790 in 2011, behind Russia at $14,015 and Brazil at $11,463, and ahead of China with $6,091 and India, $1,440.


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