New anti-spam updates every 2 hours.

Position:Security Viewpoint

Kaspersky Labs, and "Ashmanov and Partners", linguistic analysis expert, present a new schedule for the release of anti-spam database updates. The updates will now be released 12 times a day, to increase the protection against spam and offer a proactive response to new spam epidemics.


Today spam accounts for, on average, 20% of global Internet traffic, and on some days reaches 70%. According to Kaspersky Labs' estimates, in 2002 the world economy lost approximately $15 billion as a result of spam. If current trends are maintained, in 2005 every second email will be spam. Taking contemporary developments into account, it is clear that protection spam is of keen interest to all concerned.

Spam is distinguished by the variability of its characteristics and the wide range of linguistic and technical traps deployed in order to avoid spam filters. In order to combat spam, constant updating of spam recognition technology is required. The updates are developed by a linguistic...

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