Network Time Systems for 9X/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Position:Network News - From Softros Systems Inc. - Brief Article

Network Time Systems, from Softros Systems, Inc. is a time synchronization utility designed to protect system time integrity and the flow of time-dependent processes through the enabling of fast and accurate synchronization of system times across entire networks.


Exact time is very important, especially in today's international and electronic environment. However, any one single time source is not always enough to make sure users have the correct time. Clocks go faster or slower over time, batteries and power sources go dead, or important time changes, such as daylight saving, can be forgotten. Getting the time wrong, by minutes, seconds or even fraction of seconds, results in critical problems. Softros System, Inc.'s Network Time Systems lets users set up a virtually failsafe synchronized time environment for networks of any size and complexity, from small office networks to enterprise networks this by simultaneously checking up to 3 external time sources to verify the accuracy of the network time. External time sources can include Internet time servers or...

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