NETSCOUT--Operators get smart with data to monetise the IoT.

Author:English, John
Position:Mobile World Congress 2018: Trends and Comment from Industry Specialists

"Digital transformation will power a surge in momentum for the IoT, with the number of connected devices predicted to reach 30.73 billion by 2020. This will give rise to an unprecedented amount of data that can be harnessed by operators, enabling them to become 'smart,' and gain actionable and meaningful insights.

"Service providers are already looking to become much more than just the 'dumb pipes' or networks that provide connectivity, and with the advent of the IoT, they will need to evolve their business models to become part of how the IoT solution is delivered. Discussions in Barcelona will therefore centre on how, instead of offering basic data plans for connectivity, IoT solutions will enable operators to provide "smart data" that can be monetised as part of IoT transactions. This could encompass metering, geo location and usage charges; for example, providing information for security, lighting, parking, etc. in smart cities. Through expanding their compensation into new IoT device and service payment schemes, as...

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