NetIQ VOIP solution.

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NetIQ has released the Vivinet family of products, formerly known as the NetIQ VOIP Management Solution.

The Vivinet family of products includes NetIQs newest product Vivinet Diagnostics that enables customers to pinpoint and diagnose call quality problems in a Voice over IP (VOIP) environment, together with updated versions of the Vivinet Assessor and Vivinet Manager.

VoIP deployments are, often stalled because of time spent working to identify. call quality issues, By analysing all network devices in the path of a VOIP phone call, users can use NetIQ's new Vivinet Diagnostics to troubleshoot in pre-deployment and post-deployment environments, reducing time needed to resolve voice quality problems


According to Gatner, VOIP is typical of many new technologies--the product technology arrives without the support systems to manage it efficiently and effectively. VOIP will usually share much, if not all, of the existing data network infrastructure, including the LAN and the corporate Intranet. Pre-implementation assessment and planning is crucial to ensuring that the IP network infrastructure is capable of supporting voice--a mission-critical application--to...

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