MyDoom worm spreading fast.

Position:Virus Notes

A new worm called MyDoom (W32/MyDoom) also known as Novarg or Mimail-R, spreads via email, using a variety of technical-sounding subject lines and attachment names. If the attached file is launched, and the worm activated, the infected computer's hard disk is harvested by the worm for more email addresses to send itself to. The worm opens a backdoor onto infected computers which allows hackers to gain access. The worm also spreads via the KaZaa file sharing network, and is believed to have been designed to launch a denial of service (DoS) attack from infected computers (known as zombies) against SCO's website.


"MyDoom is unlike many other mass-mailing worms seen in the past, because it does not try to seduce users into opening the attachment by offering sexy pictures of celebrities...

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