A moving tale: another household miracle.

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Problem: how to get that heavy piece of furniture--like a piano--from one end of a room to another. Solution: fluoropolymer and plastic composite moulding technology--Smooth-Move, for short.

Smooth-Move is the technological innovation of a South African chemical company, Chemplast, that solves the puzzle of how you get non-stick substances like PTFE (Teflon) to stick to other substances, cheaply. It is all about making thin film technology affordable enough to introduce its application to everyday problems--like moving that piano.

Chemplast's innovation makes it possible to bond melt-flow polymers to the face of PTFE during injection moulding. "Because only a thin layer of PTFE is used on the contact surface, it becomes possible to produce results cost-effectively," says Carolyn Kellock, Chemplast's marketing manager. Now low-cost applications can exploit teflon's unique low-friction properties...

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