Move over Naomi: is Naomi Campbell an internationally acclaimed supermodel or a diva? Cadbury, the internationally acclaimed chocolate company doesn't know. Methinks Cadbury should borrow my dictionary. Case closed.

Author:Djanie, Akua
Position:Reflections of an ordinary woman

Ha ha ha ha ... oh my goodness, what a laugh! What, you may ask, has given me such a joke that I simply cannot contain the laughter within me? Okay, I will tell you. The whole Naomi Campbell versus Cadbury saga. What a complete and utter joke.

I laughed at this for many reasons. One, here is Naomi, known as one of the world's "supermodels", a woman who has made her fame and fortune in an industry which does not really portray black beauty. Because for me, a real black beauty is one who is awakened to the fact that false hair is not the biological, genetical or natural hair God endowed the black woman with. Black women can buy, glue and sew all the Brazilian, Indian, synthetic or any other hair they like, no matter, it will never be their real hair. And that is a fact. Take it or leave it.

Please, Naomi should get a grip on this reality before crying foul. Really, the day Naomi is woman enough to say enough is enough and ditches her long, short, curly, straight or whatever weaves she wears, that is the day I take her seriously as a black woman and a spokesperson for me.

I also laughed at this story on another level. Cadbury was taken for a ride. If I were Cadbury I would simply have refused to acknowledge Naomi's moans. I would have waited for her to take me to court and there I would have said: "Miss Campbell, please show me concrete proof that this advert was referring to you." You see, nowhere in the copy did the name "Campbell" appear. The commercial did not say "Move over Naomi Campbell, the internationally acclaimed Supermodel, there is a new diva in town." Nowhere. So if I were Cadbury, that would have been my stance.

Again, this story made me laugh on another level. By assuming the commercial was talking about her, was Naomi Campbell admitting she is indeed a diva? These days, people have come to accept the word "diva" as someone who is glamourous, but really if we look at the true definition of diva in the Oxford dictionary we will realise it actually means: (1) "A famous female singer of popular music", and (2) "A woman regarded as temperamental or haughty." The Cambridge dictionary adds another definition: "A very successful and famous female singer."

So based on these definitions, I had to laugh. Apart from that one pathetic attempt at music, I do not think even Naomi would call herself a successful singer. So why would she think she is a diva? Ah, maybe it is because she thinks she is "temperamental and haughty". Either that or...

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