More airport woes.

Author:Jackson, L.
Position:Readers' Views: LETTERS & COMMENTS - Letter to the editor

I would like to commend New African for finally highlighting the nightmare that passengers have to go through when travelling to and from African airports (Editorial, May 2018).

However, let me assure the editor, Mr Versi, that the trials and tribulations he faced on his journey from Nairobi pale into insignificance when compared to some of the horrors that passengers have to endure when, for example trying to make flight connections. Many a times have I had to sleep on hard airport chairs, waiting for flights which have been delayed or rescheduled or simply cancelled.

In addition, you have to undergo the third degree from rude and arrogant immigration and customs officers--who treat you like a criminal and make you pay a small fortune for a weak cup of tea, when you can find it.


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