Month by month top business stories of 2014.

Author:Dalby, Alexa

Here are some of the highlights of African Business's year, and its viewpoint on Africa's industries and its personalities. Africa is changing fast, and once again African Business revealed throughout 2014 the huge potential within the continent and also, at times, the difficulties in achieving it. Review by Alexa Dalby.


Governance: African Business joined the universal tributes and paid its homage to Nelson Mandela, the icon of our time, who died towards the end of the old year, on 5th December 2013.

Special Reports: Our special reports looked at China's continuing influence in Africa and--perhaps in contrast--at corporate social responsibility. Some companies in Africa have good records, but the concept is yet to entrench itself.

Fast Foods: Our cover story examined one interesting result of the growth in Africa's middle classes--the growing craving for fast foods and the growth of chains to supply them. Other issues have looked at the concomitant obesity problems.


Creative Industries: Our cover story asked why Africa is not exploiting its vibrant pool of creative talents in art, music, dance, film and other industries as fully as it should, both within Africa itself and globally.

Economy: We discussed the impact of Nigeria's rebasing of its economy, which turned it into Africa's economic powerhouse, leapfrogging South Africa.

Resources: We looked at two crucial industry sectors for Africa: oil and gas, weighing exploration against instability; and mining, tracking developments amid concerns for China's continued demand.

Finance: African Business looked forward to an exciting year for Africa on the investment front, in particular in resources and infrastructure projects.


Food security: Could GM crops save Africa? This was the question African Business asked and looked at their risks and rewards.

Investigative Report: Several countries apart from Nigeria were in the process of rebasing their economies upwards in 2014. How good are the available figures? Is Africa really richer than we thought?

Finance: We looked at which countries were investing in Africa and analysed the dramatic exit of Nigeria's central bank governor Lamido Sanusi.

Energy: Our Special Report gave a comprehensive guide to Africa's various sources of energy, traditional and renewable, and how current projects are financed.


Auto industry: Africa's roads are jammed but where do all those cars come from? Who is manufacturing the vehicles and...

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