A Modern Integration Solution Makes Innovation Easier.


Bjorn-Ola Kronander, business- and systems-architect.

As customers' habits change, business models evolve and innovation become a crucial success factor. During this digital transformation information must become an asset not a problem. Previously only accessible to larger companies, there are now smart and cost-effective integration solutions that keep information together and free up time for innovation in small to medium-sized companies.

With a modern integration solution, virtually all stakeholders and subsystems that are or need to be part of the business can be linked together. Business efficiencies are immediate when work tasks are automated and new sources of information added in real-time.

The importance of process over product Innovation is not just about developing new products. Innovation is frequently about developing a new business model, streamlining processes or offering new services.

"In order to succeed, you need a solution that connects the company's various information sources and subsystems. Instead of a large number of direct integrations between different systems, a modern integration solution creates a coherent information flow," says Bjorn-Ola Kronander, business architect at Connect Companies, the company that owns and sells Blue Integrator.

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