New mobile broadband satellite transmission service.

Position:Network News - From France Telecom

From November 18, 2002 France Telecom marketed a mobile broadband satellite transmission service: the Regional BGAN. Regional BGAN is a solution for international organisations and professionals in construction, mining, the oil and gas industries, transport, agriculture, tourism, NGOS, finance and the media, who need to connect to their corporate networks quickly and reliably. At the same time, the service offers developing countries a cost-effective entry into the Internet age.


Regional-BGAN is the latest development in data services from Inmarsat. The service enables the user to access the Internet or a corporate Intranet and transmit huge volumes of data more than twice as fast as current terrestrial GPRS mobile services, at 144 Kbit/s under a shared channel.

Regional-BGAN meets a strong market demand, Since at present almost 20% of France Telecom revenues in mobile satellite services is for data transmission uses. In today's business environment, permanent access to information in remote places where no IP data network is available is often critical for organising work and for decision-making, and this applies to many different sectors.

Regional-BGAN is available across the Middle East, North Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, large parts of the Commonwealth of Independent States...

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