Mimosa Networks--Mid-band spectrum for 5G connectivity.

Author:Fink, Jaime
Position:Mobile World Congress 2018: Trends and Comment from Industry Specialists

"Millimeter wave SG connectivity was all the hype at MWC last year. At this year's show, service providers will be focusing their attention on the properties of the mid-band spectrum for delivering 5G connectivity. The mid-band is set to become the workhorse for urban 5G capacity as well as wireless broadband in residential and rural areas. These complementary mobile and fixed applications are rapidly pushing to expand in the mid-band because of improved propagation characteristics. Broader coverage afforded by mid-band spectrum will reduce the cost to deploy 5G mobile capacity in cities and will also accelerate deployments of fibre-fast dedicated wireless broadband solutions in unserved and underserved areas.

"With almost no overlap geographically, both mobile and fixed services can co-exist in the mid-band...

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