Microsoft's plans have more virus potential than a doctor's waiting room.

Author:Cavello, Tony
Position:Letter to the Editor - Letter to the Editor


Bill Gates' recently announced three theories on how to stop SPAM are flawed but better than nothing. However, the biggest issue is that they do not sufficiently consider e-mail marketing as a legitimate tool employed by legitimate companies. Option one (receiving a human puzzle in response to each mail) would be hopelessly time consuming. Option two (receiving a 'computational puzzle' that takes up processing power) has more virus potential than a doctor's waiting room. The third option (offering a small electronic payment to reader's of SPAM) presumes that SPAM is intended as a genuine way of creating revenue. The reality is that much SPAM is really a way of spreading viruses or simply amusing the mischievous. A payment would only entice such senders.

However, Microsoft is to be admired on this issue. Gates and co. are at least taking positive action that doesn't depend upon legislation that cannot be enforced. The December 11 regulations have had little impact...

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