Meet the board Dangote Cement: As Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote needs little introducing--but who does he rely on to run Dangote Cement, the largest cement company in Africa?


Emmanuel Ikazoboh, non-executive director

Ikazoboh joined the board in 2014. He has over 35 years' experience of international business management, much of it with Deloitte in West and Central Africa. He is also non-executive group chairman at Ecobank International.

Abdu Dantata, non-executive director

Dantata has been a member of the board since 2005. He has been with the Dangote Group since it was formed, initially working as a director of the sales and marketing department and now responsible for the group's logistics and distribution arm. Dantata is also the chairman of Agad Nigeria, a trading and transportation company operating throughout Nigeria,


Total revenue in 2017 was N805.6bn ($2.2bn), up 37% from 2016.

Devakumar VG Edwin, non-executive director

Indian-born Edwin joined the group in 1992. He previously worked for various Indian firms in the textile industry, where he developed skills in industrial engineering, human capital management and project management. He also oversaw several projects funded by the World Bank. He was CEO of Dangote Cement from 2012-15.

Joseph Makoju, acting chief executive officer Makoju has over 30 years' experience in the cement and energy industry. He has been MD/CEO of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, Nigeria's former national electricity utility, and of the West African Gas Pipeline Company, as well as special adviser to former President Goodluck Jonathan.


Dangote Cement's proposed dividend per share is up 24% this year.

Family connections

Aliko and Sani Dangote and Abdu Dantata are all descended from the northern Nigerian trader Alhassan Dantata (1877-1955), who became one of West Africa's wealthiest men. His descendants have included a number of other prominent Nigerian businessmen.

Sani Dangote, non-executive director

Sani is Aliko's right-hand man and also his brother. The businessman has over 30 years' experience working in various fields including agriculture, banking and oil. Sani also operates his...

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