Media reaction: the Abu Ghraib disgrace.

Author:Sassine, Karel
Position:This Month's Prize Letter - Letter to the Editor

Thank you Anver Versi for your editorial (African Business June 2004) The Lessons of Abu Ghraib.


You are absolutely right; the horrors of Abu Ghraib were exposed by a free press. But I wonder if you have noticed the steady drip-feed of news reports in that same free press that allege that the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib was, by comparison with the torture of prisoners in jails throughout the Middle East, mere aberrations that should be termed 'abuse' not torture.

We must counter what I am sure is US-led propaganda that is attempting damage limitation.

Many will have heard South African-born Justice Richard Goldstone--who from August 1999 until December 2001 headed the International Independent Inquiry on the Kosovo tragedy until he was appointed as the chairperson of the International Task Force on Terrorism by...

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