Mbeki 'the natives are coming!'.

Author:Mbeki, Thabo

"And so it came about that the poor of the world began to emerge as a threat to those who have much to lose. For the rich to part with what they have, even in their long- term self-interest, they needed to be frightened virtually out of their wits. History has established the fact that fear is the mother of invention. It is, therefore, very tempting that we too, the African natives, should drive fear into the heart of the rich, to convince them to embark on yet another successful development programme to help rid our continent of levels of poverty and underdevelopment much worse than those experienced by the 10 new members of the EU," writes South African president, Thabo Mbeki. Here are his thoughts in full ...


As the Second World War ended, the uninformed would have been justified to think that all America breathed a huge sigh of relief. After all, the great danger had passed. The establishment of the United Nations by the victorious allies, with its Charter, and the adoption of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, marked the dawn of a new age of world peace and freedom from fear. In any event, except for the attack at Pearl Harbour, the costly war had not touched the shores of America. The German submarines, the battleships, the new rockets, and the Luftwaffe could not cross the Atlantic to do damage to the American mainland. Neither could the Japanese war machine overcome the Pacific barrier and descend on California and the State of Washington. And now, the Axis Powers had been routed. They had had no choice but to surrender unconditionally. The victors occupied their territories. The future of their peoples would be decided by the conquerors. They would have neither the right nor the power to threaten world peace again.


Nevertheless, as the Second World War ended, a new fear gripped the United States--the fear of communism. Nothing would stir American passions more than the alarm call--the Russians are coming!

In this situation, Senator Joe McCarthy elected to cast himself in the role of the super-patriot. He determined that some ideas and activities, as he decreed, were communist and therefore un-American. He therefore embarked on a crusade to identify and persecute those he considered un-American Americans. Some Americans applauded or snitched on fellow-Americans, driven by the fear--the Russians are coming!

Outside the US, a multifaceted struggle against the post-war enemy was waged, based on the three objectives of deterrence, containment and destruction.

In time the Russians were defeated. What Winston Churchill had described as the Iron Curtain came down. The Soviet Union ceased to exist. Socialism in Europe collapsed. The US and its allies had won the Cold War. They had...

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