Management training is vital.

Author:Boro, Wadada Yamba
Position:Letters - Letter to the Editor

The former Zambian president, Kenneth Kaunda (NA, March) recognises that Africa is moving beyond the days of despair and deprivation; that Africa is paying other people to do things we need (and can) do, with money we need to keep; that there are other things we need to do as Africans in order to make investment easy as well as enable us occupy our right place in the global setting.

Ghana's president, John Kufuor (NA, March) also recognises that we have to pursue new strategic pillars of growth to transform our economy by introducing some special initiatives.

Kufuor's finance minister, Yaw OsafoMaafo (in the same March issue) recognises that when interest rates come down, the private sector benefits; that government resources should intervene in areas that create employment; that we privatise to introduce know-how, latest technology and even to improve management; that we sell state assets so that the total productivity of those assets benefits both the economy and the citizen. While our elders and policy-makers continue to ask the right questions and...

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