Malaysia ahead of China.

Position:FDI - Direct foreign investment into Africa - Brief article

* Malaysia is ahead of China in the size of its direct foreign investment (FDI) into Africa and the gap is widening, according to United Nations data. For Malaysia, the big spenders in Africa include firms such as Petronas and Sime Darby.


Malaysia was the third biggest investor in Africa in 2011, behind France and the US, pushing China and India into fourth and fifth positions.

France and the US also have the largest historical stock of investments in Africa, with Britain in third place and Malaysia in fourth, followed by South Africa, China and India. The other two Brics--Russia and Brazil--have minimal direct investments in the continent.

Malaysia's portfolio in Africa $19.3bn, more than the $16bn of African investments owned by China and the $14bn held by India. The five Brics have...

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