Making sense of the world: if you find that trying to understand the world by digesting facts and figures makes your head hurt, then The State of the World Atlas is for you. Now in its ninth edition, it is unique in presenting current events and global trends in a factual, graphic and easily comprehensible manner. Stephen Williams reports.

Author:Williams, Stephen
Position:Book review

THE STATE OF THE WORLD ATLAS was compiled and edited by Dan Smith, the secretary-general of International Alert, the international peace-building organisation. Being both meticulously researched and ingeniously designed, it graphically presents almost every key indicator and vital statistic of modern life.

Here you will find countries and their populations; human diversity and issues surrounding wealth and poverty. So too, the Atlas presents the tough realities of conflict and suffering; human rights and their abuses; the health of the world's population and the wellbeing of the planet itself.

It is not absolutely comprehensive--for examples somewhat surprisingly given the amount of attention the subject has received, it neglects to present the situation regarding youth unemployment. But as Dan Smith told New African, he spent many sleepless nights worrying about what this Atlas contained, and in many ways he was constrained by the lack of reliable statistics.

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