Losing Arab Hearts and Minds: The Coalition, Al Jazeera and Muslim Public Opinion.

Author:Rhodes, Fred
Position:Brief article - Book review

LOSING ARAB HEARTS AND MINDS THE COALITION, AL JAZEERA AND MUSLIM PUBLIC OPINION By Steve Tatham published by C Hurst & Co ISBN 1 85065 811 0 price 15.00 [pounds sterling] hardback

In 2002-3 Steve Tatham worked alongside the American military in the Gulf coordinating the huge media offensive that preceded and accompanied the invasion of Iraq, witnessing how US armed forces devoted enormous effort to winning over public opinion in the Arab world through a concerted 'hearts and minds' campaign. However, as fighting intensified Tatham gradually became aware of how badly the Arab media were treated, in particular the personnel of Al Jazeera whose Baghdad offices were attacked by tank...

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