Foster children: a longitudinal study of placements and family relationships.

Author:Davies, Miranda
Position:Fostering - Abstract - Report


'Foster children: a longitudinal study of placements and family relationships'

International Journal of Social Welfare 18:1, January 2009, pp 13-26, USA

Foster children's family relationships were one of the themes in a longitudinal study, starting with a disadvantaged group of children, 0-4 years of age when taken into care and placed in a children's home in Sweden. Seven rounds of data collection were carried out, the last two when the children were young adults. This article focuses on those 20 children in the study group who, in addition to temporary residential care at an early age, have experiences from foster care, either for the remainder of their childhood or before or after a period of reunion. In the article, placement history is examined in the light of family relationships...

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