No longer shall they kill our prophets ...

Author:Ankomah, Baffour
Position::2 - Baffour's Beefs - African union - Column

First, my apologies to the Beefs faithful who missed their usual portions in last month's issue. My wanderings in Africa got the better part of me. But here we are, another month, another Beefs. In Ghana, our elders say: "Ani-tete sen abodwese panin" (The eyelid is older than the beard). In effect, it is no shame for late-comers [in the context of this piece, in continental union formation) to learn from those before them.


If Romani Prodi, whose European Union is long established, says: "The only way for [the Europeans] to express [themselves] in the new world is being together" or they would become a colony (of whom you know), and worse "disappear from world history", then Africa (which allowed its union to be killed at birth in 1963 and has only just been able to bring itself to form a new one) has no chance.

Mr Prodi has summed up everything I want to say in this series. "I don't like to be a colony," he says. But we, in Africa, will be a colony again, if we don't stick together. That is what happened to us in the past. We allowed the colonialists to use their divide and rule tactics to put wedges between our various peoples, and so we were easily picked! We even fought on their side against our own people! For example, the British and the French used Africans to fight their wars in Africa! With a sprinkle of a few European officers, the major fighting units of the various European wars in Africa against Africans were Africans! Incredible, isn't it?

I have just finished re-reading Alan Lloyd's 1964 book, The Drums of Kumasi, and I'm still in shock about what Lloyd dutifully chronicles: how the people of Ghana's coastal regions allowed themselves to be used by the British to fight the nine or so wars against the Asantes. The British even went as far away as Malawi to bring Africans (Malawians!) to fight against the Asantes.

Remember Romani Prodi: "If we don't get together, we will disappear from world history." How can Africa do it? We must do as the Romani Prodis do. I ended my last column (February issue) by saying: "Until we learn to adopt some of their tactics and behave like they do ... we will go nowhere. Absolutely nowhere!" I will tell you why? Have you heard about the Bilderberg Group and its sister organisations such as the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations?

Romani Prodi has officially admitted (15 May 2003) via an answer to a question put to him by Patricia McKenna, a Member of the European...

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