Liberia launches new registries.

Position:INVESTMENT - Brief article

Aiming to reduce the dozen procedures required to establish a business to just five; the time needed from 68 to 20 days; and the cost from $819 to $119, Liberia has launched a modern business registries network. The new one-stop business registries in the country's three main cities, Monrovia, Ganta and Buchanan, will greatly simplify and speed up the process of starting a business. Previously, a prospective business had to liaise with several ministries and follow lengthy administrative procedures. The one-stop model means that all transactions linked with registering a business will take place under one roof. The project received technical assistance from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) partnering with the Investment Climate Facility (ICF). Manual registration and past paper records are now fully digitised and the focus will continue to be on capacity building.


The Minister of Commerce and Industry, Miata Beyslaw (above), commented...

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