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Presentation copy

Congratulations on the new version of the CIMA magazine. Financial Management is a great presentational improvement on Management Accounting, which always seemed to have a "cut and paste" finish to it. Before, I always had the impression that every article submitted was printed in full and the typeface adjusted to fit the available space.

Now we have a product that clearly shows evidence of strong editing and focus on content and message. Perhaps a few more headline "hooks" on the front cover to attract non-accountant business managers ? Otherwise, well done to everybody involved.

Philip Dean FCMA Secretary, CIMA West London branch

Veg but no meat

I have received my copy of Financial Management and, for the first time, CIMA's magazine has gone straight in the bin. It lacks the "meaty" semi-technical articles which usually warrant retention and re-reading. It is a disappointing start -- I hope that future editions will improve.

Vincent O'Brien ACMA

EQ quality

I have just finished reading September's Financial Management and would say that it is the first time for some years that I have read the CIMA monthly publication completely. Very often presentation is everything and, in this context alone, the magazine is a much more inviting read than Management Accounting.

However, on the evidence of this issue, the content is also more appealing and relevant to the issues we face today in the working environment -- the article on EQ being particularly interesting. I wish you success in continuing the development of the magazine.

Trace L Norton FCMA

Cold shoulder

The first edition of FinancialManagement leaves me cold. If I wanted lots of white space, colour pictures of little relevance and few articles that give me relevant information, I would subscribe to other management journals. For the first time since I became a member over 25 years ago, nothing on the title page indicates that this journal is from an institute of accountants. Where are the relevant management accountancy articles? And where is the student section?

I regularly read Accountancy and find this gives more relevant news and items that interest me as a management accountant. Can we have "accountant" or "accountancy" put back on the title page --...

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