Zimbabwe: I shed a tear

It's just after 4am on a Thursday morning here in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. I have just finished reading Baffour's article, Zimbabwe: Life After the Election (NA, May) and I must congratulate him profoundly for his incisive perception of the situation in our country -- for its accuracy and candour.

I could not help but shed a tear for our beloved country as I went through the article. I am sure with a lot of hard work and sweat, all will come out right. This may not be immediate but with persistence, we will somehow get it tight. What! Now that we are laying the firm foundations that will lead to the development of our beautiful economy.

J. Simba Marembo, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: show me your friends

Baffour is correct to point out that London's misguided intervention in Zimbabwe's presidential election played rather nicely into President Mugabe's hands (NA, April). Most Africans will rather give away their right hand than endorse a puppet candidate overtly controlled by foreign governments.

Whether Morgan Tsvangirai might have actually won in a contest not marred by the absurd intervention of his "friends" in London, Africans will never know. Once again, thanks to London's pomposity, Africans have been robbed of what could have been an exciting and experience-enriching democratic process.

But one cannot feel sorry for Tsvangirai. Let's face it, he did nothing to discourage London and its media from acting as his party's mouthpiece.

Britain's claim that it was acting in the name of upholding democracy and the rule of law has also been exposed as bogus when one compares its uneven response to the Israeli/Palestinian crisis. London's reaction to the crisis is interesting, to say the least.

Harare was merely accused of having conducted a flawed election and that was deemed enough to provoke targeted sanctions on its leadership by Britain, EU and USA.

In contrast, Israel stands accused of committing grave war crimes in Jenin and of violating international law and UN resolutions. Grave accusations indeed. And yet, apart from a few feeble pleas for restraint, London, EU and USA have managed to do nothing in response.

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, who was virtually a permanent presence on TV and radio, taking every chance to launch diatribes at Harare, is now very conspicuous by his absence.

Meanwhile Israel defies the world and continues its carnage in other parts of Palestine. Is Israel too hot for London to handle? Why impose targeted sanctions on Harare but nor on Jerusalem, Mr Straw?

Sections of the British media also revealed their moral bankruptcy in reporting the Zimbabwean crisis. Having made much of their concern for the rule of law in Zimbabwe, they then...

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