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I am both a car enthusiast and a regular reader of your magazine. I have noticed that recent issues have been carrying car reports, and that has just added to my enjoyment of African Business. The report at the begining of the year about the new Range Rover, the review of Mercedes Benz new SL class and Vision concept vehicle, and last months report of the exiciting new Mini and other cars from BMW have been superb.

Although the chance of me ever driving one of these new cars, never mind owning one, is somewhat remote - we can all dream; and if I ever win the Lotto I'll know how to spend my windfall!

James Eastman

Takoradi, Ghana


I read Dr Sonko's article about flying around Africa with great interest. Like him I've tried to take the issue of cost up with various airlines. Just why does it cost me as much to fly from Abidjan to Bamako as it does from Paris to New York? The answers I got? Well, none are very convincing. One airline told me it was the lack of passenger volume despite the fact that on three occassions I had to take the next flight because the one I was booked on was full!

Nor can I...

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