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I am moved to write regarding your editorial last month (January 2002) titled What is sauce for the goose...'

What struck me about this piece was a curious parallel with the feature article on Transparency International's Annual Report on Corruption. In the editorial itself, Anver Versi says "how can any Western government or organisation accuse an African or any other dictator of human rights abuses when those rights have already been suspended in the West itself?". It's a very fair point.

However, in the same magazine, Tom Nevin's article on the Transparency International's Report on Corruption, complete with a rankings chart, states that the least corrupt countries in Africa are Botswana and Tunisia - all other African countries falling well below these nations.

Yet let us look at the countries that rank higher than Botswana and Tunisia - all Western countries. Now, if there is corruption in Africa, who is actually perpetrating that corruption? In the most serious cases, it is companies from the West who are up to their necks in providing 'incentives' to African governments and private companies to ensure their interests are served. They probably wouldn't...

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