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Gold report is dynamite!

Once again you have outdone yourselves with an excellent coverage of the Durban Gold Summit (NA, Dec). This is the first time I ever heard these revelations. This proves once again that Baffour has plenty to beef about.

But I am not at all surprised by the fraud perpetrated on Africa. How else do you suppose the rich get rich? It is only a pity that your Durban correspondent, Pusch Commey, let himself be distracted by personal concerns: this should have been front-page news across the world. This, and not the Nigeria report (NA Dec), should have led your front cover.

I was tempted to think that GATA was too good to be true: that white men in the gold business should know signs of conscience. I am white myself and as disgusted as Bill Murphy at the unethical behaviour of the elite. But the US civil law would seem to show their integrity.

This report is dynamite. It exposes the fraud of globalisation and the global elite: for how can we trust the benevolence of those who secretly set out to enrich themselves at the expense of the impoverished nations?

They claim to want to help the poor through opening markets: the gold story tells us otherwise. It deserves wide publicity.

Brian Souter

Lyons, ACT Australia

Friend or foe?

To those of us who strongly believe in American democracy (excepting the ambiguity of the last presidential election), the revelations in New African (Sept 2001) about America's s covert activities in the Great Lakes Region were shocking. Absolutely incredible!

The conflict in Congo is creating perpetual hatred and distrust amongst the people of the region. Or is Balkanisation of the region the ultimate goal? Should Africa really regard America as a friend or a faceless enemy of African progress? Which?

Godfrey Chuks Otiri

Brabrand, Denmark

The American dream

Our father who art in Washington, hallowed by thy name. Thy conquest come. Thy expansionism be done in Africa as it is done in the Middle East. Give us our development aid and loans, as we battle to pay off what we unfairly owe you. Lead us not into constant military conflicts, but deliver us from deliberate underdevelopment. For thine is the military might, and the economic power (most of the latter illgained through slavery and looting), for ever and ever. Amen.

Alfred Mzonke

Port Elizabeth.

South Africa

Ghana: truth and reconciliation?

President John Kufuor's attempt to promote truth and reconciliation in Ghana (NA, Sept) is an honourable one. But why is he limiting the period of investigation to the era of military rule?

The attorney general's argument that reconciliation is essentially a process involving the living is absurd. J.B. Danquah, Kwame Nkrumah, Kofi Busia, Ameghe etc, are all dead, yes; but they left behind aggrieved relatives who must be given the opportunity to air their grievances as...

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