Position:Letter to the Editor

Not wrong about Zimbabwe

Please allow me to reply to Osei Kofi and the points he made about Zimbabwe in his letter, Wrong about Zimbabwe, (NA May).

First, I find it extremely distressing that we Africans have been so programmed with European paradigms that we defend and justify Western thought and action even more fervently and blindly than Westerners themselves.

I assume Osei Kofi comes from Ghana. Can he tell us how many terms of office does the Asantehene (the king of Asante) serve? Perhaps the Asantes should do as he would seem to suggest and give up on their time-proven method of allowing those who have crossed many rivers to steer the boat and instead opt for his "Western", "civilised" and "democratic" way of thinking. Eldership is a valued African tradition and as long as the elder is doing a good job, it should make no difference whether he has served 5 minutes or 55 years in that capacity. 'What we require is results, not democratic dogma.

Equally as preposterous, is the statement he makes that "what we are dealing with is more than the land question". Really?! I don't think Tony Blair could have stated it more succinctly himself Born and raised in the United States under a "democratic" society, I am very familiar with the tactic of attacking the individual instead of the principles at hand.

I suspect the reason Osei Kofi and others like him would rather focus on the man and NOT the issues, is because the issues really can't be argued or confused when it comes to Zimbabwe. It's pretty cut and dry, isn't it? White man has gun, white man brings gun to Zimbabwe. White man enslaves black people and steals the land making huge profits for himself for generations to come. Black man wants land back, white man hates Mugabe. White man argues against Mugabe, calls him a tyrant, imposes economic sanctions on Zimbabwe, and avoids the essential land issue.

It is truly a case study to watch the sons of slaves defend their colonial master. Osei Kofi's predilection with what is going to happen to the whites is exposed in his question: "Are they Zimbabweans, semi-Zimbabweans or aliens?" The truth is that white people living in Zimbabwe have more than enough money and resources to answer their own questions that are pertinent for their survival.

I suggest that we as African people devote less time to figuring out other people's problems and more time extricating ourselves from the evils that we are currently immersed in. If our solutions become their problems, then so be it.

Lastly, I have continued to hear from the lips of whites and their unthinking black sympathisers the obtuse quote that "it is wrong for the historical sins of the fathers to be visited upon the sons". If so, then it is also equally wrong for the blessings of the fathers to be visited upon the sons.

White people living in Zimbabwe, and indeed everywhere outside of Europe, have enjoyed the fruits of their father's sins for hundreds of years. Isn't it high time that those who killed, pillaged and raped the land should also pay for those stolen fruits? Or is it OK for them to enjoy these...

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