Over to you, our leaders

The analysis presented by Baffour in the September Beefs correctly defines the mindset of a society ("nations of European stock") modelled around the concept of opportunism. It also provides the plausible definition and composition of what has always been referred to as the international community.

I feel we should subscribe absolutely to the prognosis that this group is determined to derail our development. As a characteristic, no opportunist is willing to accept any kind of parity with a competitor; but might be tactically manoeuvred to accept otherwise. Which implies that engaging an opportunist may become complicated and even complex. It is like dealing with an obstinate adversary--a kind of war, a game in fact!

So, as a necessity, our policy makers should be alert to the sensitivities of the basic interests of these opportunists. There are a few egg-headed people, of the type of Baffour, among us who are honestly willing to provide the expert opinions that are useful and qualitative enough to provide the seductive intellectual influence needed by our policy markers.

To the bank of the expert opinions, our policy makers may add the executive input in order to come out with a comprehensive and integrated public policy that may set us on a par with the opportunists or even paralyse the mindset associated with their diabolical interests.

The good news is that we are now united, so the question of effort and synergy does no longer represent an issue. Let us make Africa a pleasant place to live in, so that the brain drain lost to the developed world in search of pasture and subsequently exploited as a source of cheap labour, could be voluntarily repatriated before they become a spent force, exhausted enough to return only for their pension.

Wadada Yamba Boro

Cairn, Egypt

Why are they in Britain?

As a regular reader of your magazine, one really wonders what people like Herman Kwame Afele and Chisanga Bwebe (NA Letters, Sept) are doing in the UK (my home country), if that country is so bad and they care for Zimbabwe that much, why don't they go there and contribute to its wellbeing?

The reason is that they are "Armchair Africans" like so many of your letter contributors, who live in the relative comfort of the West, contribute nothing to it, criticise it and live for some mythical day when 'Africans" will rake over the so-called white "developed" world.

At least Peter Bailey (NA Letters, June) lives and contributes to Africa, which is more than can be said for most of your letter contributors and journalists.

Stuart Lamb

Jubail, Saudi Arabia

God bless Yahya Jammeh


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