A few months back you published a couple of letters from your readers bemoaning the state of African airlines. The tone of these letters seemed to imply that it was absolutely essential for these people to fly backwards and forwards across the continent in order to conduct their business.

The letter writers did not indicate what line of business they were in, or why it should be so important to fly thousands of miles on a regular basis. But I believe that in this day and age it should not be necessary to undertake air travel for most business.

Here in Paris I frequently meet African businessmen that have jetted in to ostensibly attend some conference, meeting, seminar or trade exhibition.

I have to say that the majority of these visitors are mainly interested in traveling on their employers' expense accounts for a few days of meeting friends, wining and dining in luxury hotels, and doing some shopping. Oh, and they might make an appearance at the conference or trade exhibition - but that is certainly not the main motivation for their visit.

Surely, with today's technology, it should not...

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