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No matter how hard I try, I just cannot make sense of the concept of a military war on terrorism. Terrorism is an abstract noun - how can you bomb an abstraction? Can you declare a military war on murder, or crime? Will we stop crime by bombing Johannesburg or Cape Town?

How will the US's daily pounding of the poorest and most desperate country in the world stop terrorism? All it will achieve is destruction on a vast scale and unprecedented human misery. I cannot recall a single instance in human history when the most powerful army of the day unleashed such an assault on people who are facing starvation through famine.

I am a father myself and the sight of those poor little children, hungry, terrified, utterly traumatised, simply for being born at the wrong time in the wrong place, makes my heart bleed.

The terrorist attack on the US was a crime committed by a small number of ruthless people for their own ends. It should have been dealt with as a crime and the US could have mounted the biggest man-hunt in history. It could have used the CIA, the FBI, Interpol and asked the investigative and securiry forces of all countries to assist in bringing these...

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