Following the terror outrage in New York and Washington last week, I was struck by the rhetoric used in the western media regarding the appalling loss of life and injuries.

Of course, the carnage was simply unjustified. That so many innocent souls should have died, as I speak the figure is put as somewhere around 6,000, make these deeds truly 'crimes against humanity'.

Blanket TV and newspaper coverage would have us believe that nothing in history compares to these events. Yet, barely a decade ago, a well planned conspiracy to kill men, women and children without mercy was hatched in Rwanda. In one hundred days it is believed that at least 600,000 were slaughtered.

My question is, what makes last weeks terrible events so much more deserving of our horror and outrage than the Rwandan genocide? Was it because it was covered virtually live on TV rather than well away from the gaze of the world? Because it involved modern technology with fuel-laden jet liners and sky-scrapers rather than machettes and machine guns? Because it happened in two of the world's greatest cities rather than in one of Africa's smaller countries? Because the...

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